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We carry a wide selection of monuments, headstones, memorials, bronze plaques and much more. Did we mention that we specialize in customization? 

Monuments & Headstones & Newfoundland NJ, NJ

Our monument products are the best quality memorials you can buy for your pets, loved ones, and events. With the best prices and customized service you won’t find a better place to buy a monument. We understand how important it is to have choices when it comes to buying monuments and offer the best service to our customers.

As a local business we take pride in offering the best memorial service for those who live nearby. We help you create the best product and take care of placing it. We’re with you through the whole process.

Types of Monuments We Offer

We provide different sizes and shapes of monument choices so you can pick the best one to honor your loved one. The products we offer are made from the highest quality marble and granite. They’re made to stand up to the elements and the wear of time. We build our monuments with care and offer them to be completely customized so you can get what you want.

Our job goes beyond selling the monument to you. We help take care of and place the monument and make it our goal that each of our customers are completely satisfied.

Custom Memorials in Newfoundland NJ, NJ

Our services include creating customized memorials for our customers to help them honor an event or a love one. Some of the groups we work with include local government, military projects, police departments, and more.

You tell us everything you want from the material the memorial is made from to the etching on the plaque. No matter if you’re creating something to remember a beloved pet or a war hero we treat your order with the same amount of care.

Types of Plaques Made Out of Bronze

If you want to add something extra to your monument then you might consider a bronze plaque. You can customize them the way you want them and choose from a large and diverse selection to pick the one that’s right for you.

Bronze stands out on your memorial and helps you create a special look for your piece.

Customized Bronze Plaques by Color, Shape and Size

You can choose a color and shape for your plaque based on the style you’re going for. You can have it say a name or have a quote that’s important to you put on it.

A circle, square, or simple rectangle, all are available for you to choose from.

Special Plaque Styles

You can choose from several different types of plaques including slant or upright markers. We pride ourselves on giving you a wide variety of products and plaques to choose from. You can also choose from flush, bevel, and ledge markers.

Our Past Work

Areas We Cover in Newfoundland NJ, NJ

Monument, Memorial and Plaque Refinishing and Restoration Services in Newfoundland NJ, NJ

We are happy to be able to provide services to churches and historical sites nearby in NJ that allow us to make what’s old new again. Our restoration and refinishing services allow us to help bring older pieces back to life so they look as good as new. If you find your loved one’s memorial has been vandalized we will repair it and fix it back to its original state. We provide routine maintenance to stop small repairs from becoming larger ones and cleaning the pieces as needed.

We provide these services along with creating and placing the monument because we know how important it is to keep the memory alive.

We truly believe our job is to help bring people closure along with allowing them a beautiful way to honor their loved ones. Our mission is to make sure our customers are happy and our products are the best. Keeping the pieces clean allows them to continue to look their best for many years and honor your loved one, pet, or a special time in your life.

Mausoleum Design & Building Services in Newfoundland NJ, NJ

If you are looking to have a mausoleum built for your memorial in NJ, you have a lot to choose from there as well. You can build a family mausoleum where more than one of you are laid to rest or you can create individual ones designed just the way you like them for each person.

The mausoleums are built custom to order so you can see examples of what others have done and you can create the perfect one for you from scratch.

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